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Sherry Edmonson

Oil Paint

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After a successful career as a ceramic restorer, Sherry made a happy return to painting, refreshing techniques with The Open College of The Arts, completing a number of courses to degree level. 

During the year she likes to attend at least one residential workshop, as painting is a lifelong learning process.

Her paintings are expressive focused on being in the landscape and observing weather, seasonal change, colour and texture, and creating paintings in tune with the seasons. There is a thrilling sensuality in the natural textures, shadows and reflections created by dramatic storms, and wild sunsets/rises. The stillness and sense of peace waiting for the sun to rise is a special experience, an exciting sunrise will always trigger a painting.

Sherry observes the landscape making notes and sketches, then creates a painting in her studio. The paintings are ‘about’ rather than ‘of’ a place, her impression of that particular moment. Sometimes she will see something while driving about, noting the cloud formation, or the colours of the scene and how that particular place is transformed, saving that image in my mind’s eye to use the fleeting moment for a painting. So often a subject will present itself in a moment of pure serendipity.

Sherry works in oils, for their rich colour and ability to hold her marks. Painting is an exciting process, and although facing a blank canvas can be daunting, she regards it as a  cooperative contract between her and the canvas.

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