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Red Kite Glass


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Red Kite Glass consists of three friends - Anne Sayer, Ginny Gibson and Mary Livingstone - who came together through their love of glass. 

They started their glass journey together in 2017 at an introductory class at Greenham and have since each taken further courses in various locations to develop our expertise.

They each have a studio at home.... in a garage, shed or barn, and use specialised art glass, which comes in a variety of forms and a wide range of colours, both transparent and opaque. 

They often include metal foils – copper, brass and silver, create bubbles with copper oxide or paint with enamels. They produce a varied array of items, ranging from pendants and earrings to large statement pieces, each drawing on their own inspirations and styles.

They love the endless possibilities and opportunities for experimentation that come with glass fusing - there are such a vast range of techniques to explore and so always something new to learn. Plus there is the fascinating ‘alchemy’ of glass where, when heated, the chemicals in different glasses react together to create truly unique pieces.

Their inspiration is largely drawn from the natural world - landscapes, seascapes, flowers, insects and animals, but you will also find them playing with geometric designs. They also love to work on commissions where there is the opportunity to respond to a requirement and create a unique piece.

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