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John Brazendale


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John started his ceramics journey as a 'thrower' experiencing clay for the first time in 6th form 'General Studies' Art lessons at Penlan School in Swansea. Art Foundation widened that experience but still didn't prepare him for teaching at the Central School of Art & Design in London. It was a world apart. 

Fine Art Ceramics was embraced and has since become what he believes to be my way of working with clay. 

A ceramic object might but doesn't necessarily have to have a function. It can exist in its own right. Many pieces he makes are ceramic sculptures. 

The influence of art history, a product of John's teaching, can be seen in a range of work and most recently in my new hand-built ceramic walls which were inspired by Ben Nicholson & Wassily Kandinsky. Other threads which run through his work are 'humour', as seen in my Jungle collection where 'Pandemonium of Parrots' and 'Nest of Vipers' can be found amongst 'Troops of Howler Monkeys'.

John's love of gardening can be seen in his Black Lily and Bearded Iris series. John works exclusively in stoneware and porcelain clays using both hand-building and throwing techniques. The application of glazes has always been an opportunity to experiment, in particular, overglazing and then rubbing through to reveal the clay underneath is a favourite of his. 

John works in The Cloud Studio, situated in Newbury, which overlooks his garden. His studio is usually open most days but to be sure and avoid disappointment, just email or give him a ring.

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