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Emma Moscow


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Emma's journey to becoming a Milliner started at 19 yrs old when they studied fashion at The Berkshire College of Art and Design. Their career then took a very different path until the call of doing something creative became too strong to resist and they started to study Millinery with Rose Cory MBE, renowned teacher and Milliner to the late queen's mother.

Emma loves the sculptural aspect of making hats and enjoys experimenting with shape and form. Inspiration for their designs can come from a wide variety of sources, such as other aspects of fashion, art and culture, something from nature such as a beautiful feather or flower or something as simple as a shape they like, a lovely material or a combination of colours. 

Emma uses many different materials such as parasisal straw, sinamay, felt and fabrics and they love to give new life to an old hat, either with a re-trim or by recycling it into a completely new creation. 

Emma finds the bespoke aspect of their business very rewarding and enjoys working with their clients to come up with a design that really works for them. Seeing her clients feel confident and special wearing their hats makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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