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Emma Green


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The British countryside gives Emma much of the inspiration for their work. The natural world provides their imagery, with landscapes, plants and especially birds forming the core of their visual world. 

Birds have historically been associated with freedom, purity and perhaps even innocence. Their power of flight makes them evocative symbols of liberty, but even in ancient Babylon and China humans have caged them and kept them as pets or possessions.

Many of Emma's works explore this tension; restriction and freedom. Their images of birds show them framed, tethered or under cloches, denied their freedom, they have become objects to be admired. 

Printmaking is at the centre of Emma's artistic life; its craft and processes are the means that they use to make my ideas visible. Lino is their primary medium, the direct touch when cutting the plate reconnected me through the almost medieval technique to a time that was perhaps a little closer to nature. Following the contours and outlines of the birds Emma has drawn begins to restore our connection to them, investing them with care and sympathy. 

Although Emma trained in the visual arts and has taught art for many years, it is only over the last three years that they have begun to develop their pieces for the exhibition. Most recently they have been showing at City Arts with the Newbury Artists’ Collective and selling more commercial work through Etsy. Emma has undertaken several individual commissions, both nationally and internationally.

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