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Annie Eagle

Mixed Media

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Much of Annie's work is inspired by the sea, the landscape and the seasons and expresses their emotional response to the natural and built environment. 

We are all made up of many layers of memories and connections with places, experiences and people past and present. By capturing the essence of these feelings, the artist and the viewer are connected.  Art can touch us in many different ways and elicit an emotional response that awakens something within us. 

Annie believes that a sense of connection and belonging is essential for us all for which art can provide a tangible focus. Sometimes there is so much to see and relate to that we can immerse ourselves in it again and again. They hope that you see something here that you can connect with and that you enjoy.  

Annie begins outside when possible making sketches and little watercolour paintings for colour references and capturing the mood of the day. They take photos to act as a reminder back in the studio where I develop ideas. 

They often use oil paint or acrylics but often mix many different media according to the effect Annie's looking for. These can include inks, watercolours, pastels, charcoal and different types of pens and pencils.  A favourite is a collage and this often becomes an important part of the process of layering a variety of textures and colours which once sanded back reveal unexpected effects evoking the concept of underlying memories West Cornwall, North Wales and Derbyshire influence their art providing memories of family, childhood holidays and connections with many friends.

Contemporary architectural developments in Annie's home town have provided a focus for a series of paintings designed to encourage a new way of looking and the development of a sense of pride and belonging.

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