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Sarah Jane Gordon

Art Form

Mixed Media Printing


7Artists+ Exhibition

Sarah Jane Gordon is a guest artist, taking part in the Hampshire Open Studio's event in 2023.

As a landlocked Island girl (originally from the Isle of Wight) Sarah's work is the reflection of their passion for the coast, specifically the treasures which are hidden and revealed each day by the tides, they find the transient, impermanence of the coast so stimulating and exciting, each visit is different, dictated by the weather and the shifts of the tides, each day is a new start as the beach is wiped clean, replenished.

Sarah is an avid beachcomber, visiting the Jurassic coast at every opportunity to feed their obsession, they utilise their collections not only as inspiration but as part of their creative process as Sarah composes monoprints working with pressed seaweeds, fossils and hand-cut stencils inspired by coastal patterns and forms. Sarah's working processes echo the coastal layers as they build layered compositions which express both their infatuation for the coast and passion for rich colour and pattern.

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