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Jacky Purtill

Art Form

Mixed Media


7Artists+ Exhibition

Jacky Purtill is a guest artist, taking part in the Hampshire Open Studio's event in 2023.

Jacky is an arts practitioner with over 30 years as a practising freelance artist, craftsperson and educator. During her long career, she has been involved in a number of exhibitions, events, client-based briefs, and teaching and learning activities. She continues to develop her own artwork and teach others how to create innovative and engaging artwork through painting and mixed media.

Having originally trained as a jeweller and silversmith in her early career, she progressed into education and now works as a freelance mixed media artist and educator. Painting and mixed media have become a great passion of hers. She loves to explore natural forms, abstraction, surface texture and colour within my artwork and to experiment with different techniques to achieve the outcomes she wants and loves to create. Jacky's artworks are an expression of her imagination and creativity. She is someone who loves to explore new ways of working and in sharing her creativity and work with others.

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