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Gareth Jones


Oil and Acrylic


Gareth Jones was a guest artist, taking part in the West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studio's event in 2023. He works in oils and acrylics and is continuing to develop and refine his style.

Gareth's work is evolving towards a more personal interpretation of how the scene or chosen reference materials in front of him makes him feel. He is continuing to experiment and learn with other subject matters such as architecture and portraiture, but his main inspiration and passion is the scenery of North Cornwall both land and sea.

The landscape is more than just physical form, it is the light and the air that gives it energy, dynamism, and real life. He loves observing the sky, the drama of the clouds, the weather, and the light in the landscape, which he tries to capture in paint. Gareth states that his best work comes when he is working energetically and quickly without overthinking his choices of mark-making.

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