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The history of our humble little art collective listed below.

The 7Artists+ logo

Founded in 2018 by Jackie Denham & Llinos Gale, "7Artists" originally consisted of 7 exhibiting artists, including Jackie Denham, Llinos Gale & Sue Crook, for Hampshire Open Studios 2018. This inaugural 7A exhibition was held at Viables Craft Centre.

Expanding its number in 2019, the collective was renamed to "7Artists+" and a new venue at Proteus Creation Space was chosen to house the larger number of creative spirits and provide more space for artists to offer exciting workshops and hands-on creativity to visitors.

Resident artists at 7A+ liaise with the wider Hampshire and Berkshire art communities to bring together a changing membership of multi-disciplined, talented local artists for exhibitions; this revolving membership brings guest artists with new works & displays to each event.

7A+ routinely participates in Open Studio's West Berkshire and North Hampshire, and Hampshire Open Studio's events, bringing together a wide and eclectic mix of creative souls.

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